Smart Homes

Electrojohny now specialises in smart homes integrated systems. We can design and construct your home’s electrical system to be fully automated and integrated. You can turn on lights, play music, view cameras, turn on security, dim lights, turn on AC, raise/lower blinds all from your phone! We have teamed up with Leviton, C-bus, Dynalite and many other partners to take the first step towards the future.

Leviton is the biggest security automation and specialise electrical supplier. Over the years they have acquired several successful technology based companies, expanding the company in several different domains. They now do electrical, data, automation, security, Audio Visual and much more.


Our team was trained by Leviton and are now official dealers in Victoria. That means they are trained and capable to install smart automation systems in both residential and commercial premises. We can implement anything from a high tech home theater system to a whole house automation system.


With customised touchscreen you can have full control over every corner of your home straight from your phone. Put up the blinds, view the cameras, open doors, play the music, change the colour of LED strips, arm the security and so much more. The options are endless.


Electrojohny also specialises in boardrooms installations. Our team can design and implement advanced AV systems customised to every need. Weather you just want to connect a laptop to the screen, or you want to stream wirelessly, Electrojohny can assist with even the most complex projects.




Electrojohny is proud to introduce Alexa as part of our automation package. Alexa can turn on lights, operate blinds, active heating/cooling, turn on the TV and much much more by simply using your voice.

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